Client Testimonials

"An uncanny ability to clarify goals... I found her insights incredibly helpful..."

Jennine is a fantastic Executive Coach. She has an uncanny ability to assist in clarifying goals and expectations while also diving into the heart the issue. I found her insights incredibly helpful in navigating the waters of Constant Contact's $1.1 billion acquisition. If you are considering executive coaching, talk to Jennine. You will be happy you did.

— Justin Quimby, Sr Product Manager, Google (former Director of Engineering at Constant Contact)

"Jennine has helped me develop much-need skills in management and leadership..."

Jennine has been instrumental in helping to guide our company from its casual, ad-hoc environment into a more professionally managed and efficient business. As a software engineer who has found himself the president of a company, I consider Jennine's coaching an invaluable resource. With clarity, expertise and empathy, she has helped me develop much-needed skills in management and leadership. Our ongoing work together keeps me sane and headed in the right direction.

— Jim Lewis, President, CC1


To say that my experience working with Jennine was life-changing is an understatement. She is thoughtful, funny, kind, patient and highly skilled at leading you to your own answers. Jennine's business and management experience, coupled with her guidance and careful crafting of my self-discovery, uncovered a number of self-limiting beliefs that I was completely unaware of. As a result, I have new clarity about and am more confident in my skills, knowledge, abilities and sense of self. I will forever be grateful.

— Melissa Gilpin, Corporate HR Manager, Amy's Kitchen

"Insightful, intelligent, warm..."

Jennine is super insightful, intelligent, warm and engaging. Short of being the angel on my shoulder, I can't think of anyone who'd be more helpful to figure out how I can engage with people more effectively. She's somewhere between the strict school teacher who you know is right (and was your favorite teacher), and your new best friend. She is very flexible and a great listener, yet still good at holding me accountable. She was able to digest and untwist my "logic" and my stream of consciousness explanations, and convincingly put me on better footing, both as a professional and a person. 

— Chi-Kai Chien, Head of Analytics, CareZone

"She held me accountable..."

I hired Jennine to help me navigate through a bunch of tough leadership issues that I knew I wasn't prepared for. Jennine came into our offices and within about an hour helped me start to see where the gaps were and understand how to move forward.  And then she actually held me accountable! I accomplished not just what I went to her for, but uncovered a whole new level of possibility for our team. Oh, and we had a blast doing it.

— J.B., Sr Vice President, Morgan Stanley

"I learned to recognize my strengths and anticipate challenges..."

The only word I can use to describe my coaching experience with Jennine is "transformative". The most rewarding aspect of being coached by Jennine was that she didn’t provide me with all the answers, or present a blue print for the next phase of my life, but instead led me on a path of self-discovery whereby I learned to recognize my strengths and anticipate challenges. The impact of these discoveries is life changing and I have grown tremendously as a result. Together we developed a plan, with concrete steps and measurable outcomes, that I’m excited to be putting into action!

— Shernaz Boga, former Executive Director of Development, current Master's Degree Candidate