As a software engineer by training who moved into management, ran (and sold) my own company, and held several executive positions, I bring decades of hands-on business experience to my practice. Having come up in the tech world, I have a direct, no-nonsense style. 


Maybe you are looking to shine brighter in your current role or are preparing for a new challenge. Perhaps you want to step up to a more senior position or get into a tough-to-crack company. Or maybe you were a rock star individual contributor who was promoted into a leadership role without formal management training. Whatever your goals, my job as your coach is to help you get what you want. This means:

  • Creating a safe and confidential space to work on your professional development

  • Getting to know you and what makes you tick, without expectation or judgement

  • Helping you face difficult situations with objectivity and humor

  • Holding you accountable to your stated goals

  • Promoting shifts in thinking and behavior that lead to lasting transformation

When I was a software engineer, I was really good at testing. I could always sniff out the issues. In my coaching I rely on the same combination of curiosity, intuition and analysis to identify what's at the heart of a person's challenge. 


I bring a straightforward style to my workshops and use my management experience to tie classroom concepts to real-world challenges. I’ve conducted training for managers at Atlassian, MixPanel and other Bay Area organizations and enjoy working with people across the full spectrum of leadership experience – from new managers to senior executives. My job as a trainer is to bring management concepts to life, engage your team, and provide them with tools and strategies for integrating the learning into their day-to-day work.


I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Brown University, and received my Professional Performance Coach (CPPC) certification from Source Point Institute


I am a member of the invitation-only Forbes Coaches Council and am a contributor. My articles on leadership have also appeared on,, WomenOnBusiness, RocketHub and Women2.0.

I enjoy active membership in the International Coach Federation (ICF), international and San Francisco chapters.

As president of the board of directors for Joe Goode Performance Group, I support a long-standing San Francisco cultural institution, combining the innovative use of dance and theater with broad outreach to build community, promote empathy and develop social awareness.

My volunteer work includes being a leadership partner for TechWomen, a U.S. State Department program supporting women in STEM careers from developing countries; and working with Girls, Inc., an organization committed to transforming the lives of underserved girls in the San Francisco Bay Area.



I am an avid Bay Area hiker and consider Mt. Tamalpais to be my personal gym.

I dabble in oils and acrylics and enjoy zoning out while working on a canvas.


I’ve lived in Malawi, France, and the Netherlands, and speak English, French, and Spanish. I met my spouse on an ultimate frisbee team, and currently reside in San Francisco with him and an oversized Bengal cat.