You’ve founded your company. You’re building your team, raising money and bringing your vision to life. Being a founder can be an exhilarating experience. But it can also bring significant challenges:

  • Lack of formal leadership skills

  • Isolation

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Conflict with co-founders

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You’ve advanced to a senior role in the organization and are performing at a higher level than ever before. But sometimes you:

  • Encounter challenges you don’t feel prepared for

  • Realize that you need to strengthen your management chops

  • Can’t seem to progress further

  • Aren’t sure how to expand your influence

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You are responsible for an environment and culture where people are engaged, empowered and performing. Keeping your leadership on point means addressing issues that may arise:

  • Lack of common vision or identity

  • Non-existent or differing levels of management capabilities

  • Communication issues

  • Senior managers who aren’t performing

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Studies show that developing your emotional intelligence (EQ) has a huge impact on your leadership performance. A strong EQ can be the difference between a good leader and an amazing one.

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