Develop a culture of leadership excellence

Workshops are centered around critical leadership skills that boost your team's emotional intelligence, provide tools to handle difficult management challenges, and develop a common leadership mindset. Results you can expect:

  • A common and consistent leadership culture, as the team adopts shared practices, models and terminology

  • Increased expertise, with the ability to handle a wider range of management situations comfortably and effectively

  • Greater job satisfaction for your leaders due to investment in their professional growth and increased confidence and enjoyment in their roles

  • Greater satisfaction, productivity and retention for individual contributors due to better support from and interactions with their leaders

  • Less energy- and productivity-draining disorder on the teams, leaving time for leaders to focus on higher-level business priorities


Workshop Format

Workshops are designed as two-hour sessions but can be modified to fit shorter or longer time slots. The frequency of sessions and total number of workshops delivered depends on your organization's needs.

A number of modalities are used to deliver the content, such as visual presentations, role-playing scenarios, and practice exercises with colleagues. Examples and solutions are solicited from the participants themselves in order to provide relevant subject matter and promote ownership of the learning. Given the interactive nature of the training, the sessions are designed for in-person participation.

If multiple workshops are scheduled, homework is assigned in between sessions to reinforce absorption of the content and provide preparation for upcoming modules.

Example Workshop Topics

  • Stepping Up: Making the Transition from Manager to Leader

  • Coach Like a Pro: How to Elicit Transformative Change in Others

  • Hold Yourself and Your Team Accountable—Without Being a Jerk or a Doormat

  • Difficult Conversations: How to Prepare for Those Interactions That Keep Us Up At Night

  • Put Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to Work

  • What Was That? Developing Your Listening Skills

  • Communication Styles: Awareness and Adaptability

Whatever the content, I bring my business, coaching and training experience into the sessions to address issues that arise, provide spontaneous challenges when necessary, and make sure comprehension, self-awareness, and behavioral change are maximized.



"...ability to deliver consistently thoughtful and interactive training..."

"Empathetic, engaging and real is what comes to mind when I think of Jennine as a manager trainer. I was particularly impressed with her ability to deliver consistently thoughtful and interactive training sessions, and create a great balance between theoretical models and real world application. She was able to provide actionable, individual coaching even in a group setting. And her dry sense of humor and down to earth demeanor was really appreciated too! I would happily recommend Jennine as a coach or trainer."

 — Leane Loveday-Smith, Senior Global HR Partner, Mixpanel

"...wide-ranging expertise in training, facilitation, leadership development..."

"Over the past several years, Jennine has designed and facilitated a number of workshops for our program, training large groups of high-powered women from 21 countries in leadership, networking, and coaching. She’s an amazing partner – versatile, adaptable, and committed to achieving our objectives – and brings wide-ranging expertise in training, facilitation, leadership development, and so much more. Her unique and personal approach continues to leave an impactful impression with our participants. Further, she has a fantastic sense of humor, boundless and contagious energy, and a true spirit of supporting others. I truly enjoy working with her and look forward to collaborating for years to come."

— Jillian Scott, Executive Director, TechWomen