You have done well in your career and have reach a senior level… and have seen a lot of achievement and advancement. career has been a tale of ahcievemtn and . Now you’re, Let’s keep up the momentum. You’ve advanced to a senior role in the organization and are performing at a higher level than ever before. But sometimes you:

Encounter challenges you don’t feel prepared for

  • Realize that you need to strengthen your management chops

  • Can’t seem to progress further

  • Aren’t sure how to expand your influence


You Need to Sharpen Your Management Skills

Without a formal leadership background, you:

  • Worry about what you don’t know and aren’t sure how to develop the skills you know you do need

  • Find yourself in situations you might have prevented or handled better

  • Avoid aspects of your job that you are unprepared for, dislike or are uninterested in — staying in your safe zone rather than facing unfamiliar challenges

Consequently, you spend time doubting your position, second-guessing your actions, and leaving matters unresolved. We will identify your strengths, build skills where needed, develop your innate leadership style and get you engaged with all aspects of your role.


Prepared and confident, you will be able to show up as an energized and effective leader, ready to make decisions with certainty, better manage your team and create the business outcomes you want.


You Can’t Seem to Progress Further

Without someone you trust whom you can confide in, who can provide objective feedback or help you problem solve, you are left feeling uncertain, vulnerable, and alone.


When we work together, you will get:

  • A safe space to work through your challenges

  • A brainstorming partner with startup experience

  • Objective feedback

  • Someone to hold you accountable to your stated goals

  • Strategies for developing your own network

The upshot? You’ll feel relieved, confident, and supported, energized to face your many challenges.

You’re Not Sure How to Expand Your Influence

You doubt your position and fear being “found out”. You exaggerate your faults and overlook genuine successes.

You listen to the voice in your head that says, “You don’t belong here — you’re not a real leader!”


I will help you intercept doubts and inner saboteurs, lose the “should”s, shed the stereotypes about what a “real” leader is and develop a leadership style that resonates with your voice, personality and values.

Anchored in a strong sense of yourself in the role, you can stop worrying about whether you measure up — and start focusing on the needs of your business and team — relieved to know you’re right where you belong.

Conflict With Co-Founders


When you and your co-founders are in conflict, it adds to your day-to-day stress, takes energy away from priorities, and impedes your company's velocity. The common vision you and your partners shared is clouded but you don't want to sacrifice the personal relationships that predate the company. How to overcome the entrenched dynamics, the stalemate, the conflict fatigue? Together we will:

  • Surface underlying issues

  • Identify where objectives diverge

  • Re-establish common goals

  • Develop agreements for communication and conflict resolution...

…allowing you and your partners to move forward with less stress, greater trust, and renewed common purpose.

Instead of feeling alone, battling imposter syndrome, second-guessing yourself, or avoiding the parts of your role you’re not comfortable with…


…we will identify what’s actually happening with your performance, your business and your team, work on developing the skills and strategies you need most, and develop a leadership style that’s true to who you are.

The result?

You’ll feel supported, prepared, confident, and engaged.

“As a software engineer who has found himself the president of a company, I consider Jennine's coaching an invaluable resource. With clarity, expertise and empathy, she has helped me develop much-needed skills in management and leadership. Our ongoing work together keeps me sane and headed in the right direction.” — Jim Lewis, President, CC1